Our mission at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, as the state’s oldest and largest health insurer, is to improve the lives of Louisianians.

A key part of that mission is the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, which manages community outreach and charitable giving that enable more people to access healthcare. In the past two years, we’ve made great progress in partnering with our communities to build a healthier state, and this report highlights some of those efforts.

Beyond Blue Cross

Of course, building a healthier state goes far beyond Blue Cross. It takes all of us working together to change Louisiana.

That’s why we set up this report as an interactive forum. We want this to be a place where people and organizations across the state can share successes and challenges related to health in Louisiana.

Throughout this report, please look for opportunities to comment on different pages and share information with your social networks. If you’d like to give us feedback about this report, or if you have ideas on how we can better support Louisiana communities, please contact us at foundation@bcbsla.com, or use the links in the top right corner of this site.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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